Make everything with LOVE

My artist’s journey began when I was very little. I remember myself enjoying painting and having
my artwork exhibited at kindergarten; but it was my mom who helped me to set this path as my
only way in life, and I’m so grateful for that.

She signed me up for art school when I was 10 years old, and I spent 7 amazing years there
studying different mediums. After graduation I continued my education for another 6 years at one
of the five Classical Culture and Arts Universities in Russia polishing my skills and learning more
techniques. It was there when I realized that I have unconditional love for watercolour. There is
magic in the unique ability of the medium to produce exciting, interesting and sometimes
unexpected, random ways to blend and mix colour.

Moved to Canada just over 6 years ago, I find my inspiration in the beauty of city and nature, the
power of the ocean and the enchanted life of the creatures that inhabit my new home.
Thanks to my mom I realized that if you want to create something really thoughtful you should
make it with love, and I put my heart into every piece that I paint.

It’s my hope that you not only love my artwork, but my soul that lives within it.

© 2019 by Elena Markelova Arts. All rights reserved.

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